Zuko decided to side that have Aang and you may Mai, leaving Ukano yelling furiously as he is actually escorted about castle

One month afterwards, Mai is into a night out together with Kei Lo, which questioned as to the reasons she failed to visit along with her and she dryly replied she wasn’t keen on « casts ». Kei Lo accurately acknowledged you to their busted toes had not been the genuine reason, yet not, however, you to she still required for you personally to trust him. Mai admitted this was the outcome, interested in challenging to think how people you will dump the produce as together with her. He was able that he had just desired a location to fall in whenever joining this new Ozai Community, however now planned to fall under the woman. Moved through this disclosure, Mai kissed Kei Lo. New heartfelt time is disrupted from the Michi yelling on close rose shop, leading to Mai so you’re able to hurry from and you may experience their sister Tom-Tom are kidnapped by the Kemurikage. Even with their desperate try to rescue your, new kidnappers got out. The next day, Mai and you will Michi reported brand new abduction on the cops, have been confused from the the woman declare that comfort was on it. Yet not, Zuko visited the fresh new flower shop and https://datingranking.net/de/college-dating-de/ debated you to Mai’s facts was most likely genuine. He proceeded to contact Avatar Aang, believing your more trained in working with spirit points. [26]

Mai greeted Aang upon his coming and you will advised your away from Tom-Tom’s abduction from the Kemurikage

The woman factor try reduce brief whenever the woman father barged from inside the, accusing the girl of being the reason Tom-Tom is kidnapped, as the she got pulled him on the safety of its household. Whenever Ukano propsed a beneficial curfew and you can special activity push to manage for the dark morale, Mai disagreed and you will supported the newest Avatar’s suggestion so you can basic browse the the latest incidents in advance of pretending rashly. The brand new Flames Lord considered that he accepted new old boyfriend-governors shouts about New Ozai Society’s earlier ambush, and you will inquired when the Mai know regarding the girl dad being inside it from this new assault. She lied, saying that she didn’t come with recommendations regarding Ukano helping the fresh assault.

Following, because Aang and you will Zuko willing to collect details about the new Kemurikage, Mai and you can Kei Lo was indeed left by yourself. The guy utilized so it chance to craving the lady reveal Ukano’s involvement in the latest rebellion, however, Mai stated that he was proper one she got were not successful to protect the woman relatives. Accordingly, she couldn’t succeed your to go to prison, as this carry out log off Tom-Tom instead his dad.

The Flame Lord indicated his guilt regarding their relationship and told you he overlooked the girl, but Mai angrily insisted both would be to proceed

Later in the day, Mai along with her members of the family traveled to your Highest Temple in which Mai revealed in order to Kei Lo you to definitely she realized the spot, once the she and Zuko had just after gone into a romantic date indeed there. She sarcastically said that the Flames Lord got noticed the fresh new « burial webpages away from his forefathers » getting personal place, ultimately causing Zuko so you’re able to retort how he was proven right on the time, making Kei Lo and Aang effect awkward. The team next descended towards Dragonbone Catacombs, where Mai went on to bicker with Zuko. She later on assisted Kei Lo to start a door on the close areas of this new catacombs, causing Mai to supplement the lady new boyfriend’s ingenuity. Deep about burial spaces, Mai eventually discovered good search outlining this new emergence of the basic Kemurikage in Flame State’s violent earlier.

After ward, the team followed a great ghostly smoke one to provided them to the latest grave of your own first Flame Lord. Indeed there, it split, while the Mai would not go into the burial chamber. When you’re Aang and you may Kei Lo ventured greater, Mai and you may Zuko resided at the rear of, creating a shameful discussion. She after that said she regretted actually ever enabling your to split their center so many minutes, and designed to stick with Kei Lo, even after her lack of desire getting him.