Our parameters (both separate and you can dependent) was categorical

To determine the relationship anywhere between sociodemographic variables and you will workplace–worker matchmaking difficulties, i utilized Spearman correlation strategy in addition to digital logistic regression study which have backward reduction

  • ·Serenity and you may safety – lowest results signify there’s not much tranquility and security from the subject’s brain and you can environment.
  • ·Public hobbies/social obligations – lowest ratings imply that topic is likely to act from inside the socially and you can culturally unsuitable means.
  • ·Individual really-becoming and you black singles may joy trouble – reasonable results indicate that subject’s life is happening well just like the wished or organized.
  • ·Ethical obligations – low results mean that subject often doesn’t understand what something was correct and incorrect and you can work correctly.
  • ·Self-controls and you can mind-guidelines trouble – lower scores indicate that subject doesn’t have problems from managing and dealing with his/the girl lifetime.
  • ·Self-presentation problems – lowest scores indicate that subject may have reasonable mind-depend on and you may reasonable notice-esteem and you may will introduce himself/by herself inside a bad style otherwise guidelines.
  • ·Satisfaction which have performs-relevant victory – lower scores mean that topic is actually disappointed with his/their performs success.
  • ·Interpersonal believe trouble – lower score imply that subject distrusts anyone else.
  • ·Standard performs anxiety trouble – lowest score mean that topic enjoys fewer worries at your workplace.

This new quantitative research have been assessed using detailed statistics (wavelengths, percent, suggest, and you will standard departure) and you will inferential statistics (Pearson and you will Spearman correlations and you can hierarchical binary logistic regression analysis). To search for the need for our results, we made use of 2-tailed assessment from statistical relevance on both p=0.05 and you can p=0.01 profile and you will evaluating away from statistical strength such as for instance feeling brands and you will model fit chi-rectangular indices getting digital logistic regression studies). The analytical analyses was indeed performed into the Analytical Plan to own Societal Sciences (SPSS) Adaptation 22.

The present studies was funded from the BRC regarding the Bodies out of Brunei Darussalam from UBD, a state tertiary facilities. Authored permission and you will acceptance in order to conduct the research was obtained from new UBD Stability Committee and the BRC Ethics Panel on behalf of the government away from Brunei Darussalam. At the same time, ethical conditions and you will liberties (e.g., anonymity, confidentiality, confidentiality, volunteer involvement, defense against spoil, and informed agree) to have participating in the research were earliest told me vocally either in English or Bahasa Melayu words to private research people before event the content. After that, verbal and composed advised agree are safeguarded off for each and every research participant either in of 2 dialects during the time and set away from get together the information. Simply people who voluntarily wanted to take part in the analysis have been hired. Coercion and you will deceit weren’t used when hiring the participants. Furthermore, all the study’s look gadgets was indeed printed in effortless English vocabulary demanding just Values eight or Season 7 quantity of training. To deal with and relieve any potential linguistic and social biases, parallel bilingual affairs was in fact showed into products in both English and you can Bahasa Melayu, a portion of the and official language away from Brunei spoken of the most of the people. Above all, data range occurred in the latest participants’ work environments to increase the newest study’s environmental validity.

Because reported inside Dining table 4, four sociodemographic variables got lowest but high correlations that have workplace–staff member relationship issues (both bad and the good): educational peak (r=?0

An element of the conclusions of one’s present analysis was displayed and said lower than with regards to the objectives of the research. Every findings aren’t compared to previous style from inside the Brunei because of not enough comparable earlier look and you can studies oriented on the same details due to the fact investigated in the modern investigation.

Spearman correlation was suitable to use since our sociodemographic variables (independent variables, IVs) and the employer–employee variable (dependent variable, DV) were categorical rather than continuous. 135, p<0.01); seeking help from Bomo or traditional healer (r=0.086, p<0.05); seeking help from online social networking (r[860)]=0.094, p<0.01); and the district in which the employee resided (r=?0.080, p<0.05).