Listen to so it and you may begin to love krautrock when the you do not think its great already!

NEU! – Neu! Neu! debut was foundation of a single edge of krautrock audio. It has it all. Fresh, conservative, repetitive, it is a present. No, it will not research something such as Is also, Amon Duul II, POPOL VUH, Orange Dream perhaps connection should be taken between very early Kraftwerk and you will has some C . (read more)

Hallogallo – brand new musical instrument overcome really drives so it track. as much as during the sectors, to have ten solid minutes! Sonderangebot – space material one never extends to new stone, forget about it and manage your own little finger around the side of good icon for 5 moments Weissensee – a slow create, for the a slower create, following something small happens . (find out more)

Rating: B+ In case any kind of you had been wanting to know exactly what the greatest, extremely best material tune ever before is, question no further. It’s NEU!’s the reason work of art, « Hallogallo ». Having an unceasing 4/4 guitar groove (referred to as motorik beat and lookin during the some sounds just like the 1972) offering they an eternal supp . (find out more)

Neu!is why immpresive first record album, surely among the best introduction records in all from prog and easily one of the recommended within the krautrock toghter with Amon duul II, this one music extremely polished also myself compered to the other krautrock groups we have heard yet, it may sound including they spent allot of energy on this subject o . (read more)

This is an incredibly fine example of Kruat place prog /acidic rock and is up until now ahead of the competition it has become anything away from an icon. Where as groups particularly Faust pretend and generally are hence pretentious NEU is the real thing. So it Ring understands the music it is wanting to establish. As the i . (read more)

Post a peek at NEU ! « Neu! »

Neu! is the most those people start krautrock bands you to become investigating more ambient and minimalistic musical. I do not thought it previously reached their complete possible, however it is requisite paying attention enthusiasts of your own background krautrock genre. The album begins with hypnotising room stone out-of « Hallogallo », . (find out more)

This is exactly an important cut not only of Krautrock, however, of musical record. « Hallogallo », of course, is probably the main mark and also the better-known ones really works, featuring its instantly identifiable mechanized beat around and that surprisingly painful and sensitive tunes frolic. The bottom line is one thing both advertising . (read more)

truly unbelievable. have not heard something adore it. merely revealed now the audio is more than thirty five yrs dated. i adore the 1st track its gorgeous. they are really origonal. very easy songs even if. kinda hypnotic. sweet to see some1 are innovative rather than to play drums really fast. musically . (find out more)

Cool music that determined lots of bands on the nineties. Although not, in my experience it is only one; chill sounds. I have listened to Neu frequently and i also keeps to say that I’m some time annoyed. There are a few « experimental » or rather « edgy » pieces on this subject album, however the overall impact out of Neu is the fact they . (read more)

Please, listen to so it!This is just in love, fantastic, dreamy songs, it is excelent. Get this record album!You should listen up sorts of audio!It is sooo a.Perfect for riding on the auto and you may chilling.Delight, excite, plea . (read more)

Mystical tunes frrom a completely mystic band whenever you can actually call them a ring because it it only consisted of one or two organizations. This can be definitely not for all! Experiments with audio create most readily useful establish so it most novel sound, although it does wade upbeat for the locations particularily for the beginning . (read more)

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