However, ever since Elena became the fresh new Top Little princess, its relationships will get some more difficult

Elena treasured the lady parents truly so when the fresh new eldest kid of your royal relatives, she are several times mentored of the one another Raul and you can Lucia regarding how becoming a ruler and you may bestowed the newest Scepter of White and Amulet of Avalor. The deaths considerably saddened Elena and you can she continues to remember and skip them fondly.

Element of their measures on the series arises from her mothers. Elena got effective the brand new Swordsman Contest Cup surely just after she discovered regarding Lord Elrod’s cheating to help you beat her and you will devoted the newest win so you’re able to the girl award. Studying Shuriki is actually real time instantaneously produced Elena wish to beat their and you can avenge the girl parentsing on the experience of the girl is enough to encourage the woman from it up until she in the end eliminates their disliked enemy completely, finally enabling Raul and you may Lucia getting avenged.

Little princess Isabel

Elena and Isabel had been very close in its childhood and up so you’re able to Elena’s adulthood. They’d a very good time together up until Shuriki attacked Avalor as well as in acquisition to protect her therefore the remainder of their family relations, Elena courageously encountered Shuriki to shop for time for Alacazar to get her or him inside their painting. These were happy once they was indeed reunited.

In some instances, the girl royal duties pushes the girl so you’re able to dump Isabel while focusing more inside it, also immediately after when she guaranteed to aid her, at which Isabel is actually crazy and coldly informed her to visit away and offered their a cold-shoulder whenever she returned. Despite this, Elena create usually is actually the jdate profilleri girl far better lay Isabel more than the lady royal responsibilities and you may Isabel values it, fixing the relationship any strain among them. Elena is also often times get energy out of seeing Isabel in peril, because the shown that have Shuriki and you can Orizaba, both and that anticipate her to help you counteract new threats.

When you look at the Brother of Invention, Isabel touches the fresh core team, adding knowledge and systems into the subject things your class would generally speaking neglect. Elena appreciates Isabel on her help and in addition anxieties for her when she is in peril.


Close to the woman dad, Elena as well as obtained instruction on how best to become a commander away from Francisco whenever she was young and you may she continues to do it given that Top Little princess. Although she can get sometimes ignore his guidance, he bores zero sick-will and you will carry out gladly take on the girl apologies and you may continue steadily to bring the girl form words out-of information.


As close in order to their grandmother since this woman is along with her pops, Elena admires her sharp attention having facts to the stage from enabling this lady are a member of the fresh Council because of it.

Chancellor Esteban

On account of with grown up along with her, Elena appreciated Esteban such as a bona-fide sibling. She actually selected him among the people in the new Huge Council just like the they have a beneficial knowledge of new kingdom. Although not, the brand new love she had on him shatters due to the fact whole family unit members finds out his miracle of experiencing made a secret manage Shuriki. This angers Elena to the level in which she chooses to exile him. Into later on periods, Elena continues to be annoyed from the Esteban on what he did in order to their family and you may kingdom which will be reluctant to help you forgive him at all, it doesn’t matter what several times Esteban says to this lady which he provides changed and you will should do almost anything to make anything correct between them. It was not up until Esteban forfeited his personal lifetime to store Elena when she fundamentally forgave their cousin. Just after this lady forgiveness undoes all the means done by the newest Four Colors of Very, Esteban says to Elena he tend to spend rest of their life creating for what he’s got done. Elena gladly allows that it and you may hugs Esteban, which makes them reconcile at last.