FlexJobs’ 2017 jobs Flex ultra Survey, all of our sixth annual study of the developments creating the task mobility movement, supplies loads of observations about flexible function.

While many of the results are anticipated (people across all age brackets need extra job flexibility), all of our analyze produced some shocking results.

To understand more info on what job seekers decide at work convenience, most of us accepted a better plunge to the replies FlexJobs obtained from a lot more than 5,500 individuals that responded our survey queries. The entire link between all of our study protected a diverse selection of information involving move convenience, from your enhanced production of isolated staff, to employers employing for isolated tasks.

It may arrive as perfectly logical a large number of FlexJobs analyze participants seek rural succeed (60%), and a number (62percent) said they’ve put or regarded making employment given that it wouldn’t offering pliable succeed choices. But some other responses to our analyze happened to be a lot more unexpected, and granted information into just how, and why, ability points to most job hunters.

Check these 15 amazing studies about job hunters looking for flexible perform.


  • Flexible effort is not only necessary to employed mom. Emphasizing the comprehensive appeal of employed versatility, 40per cent associated with 5,500+ respondents did not have family. While using mom are incredibly aiding travel the pliability phenomenon, there are plenty of people looking for work without young children that search and value get the job done flexibility.
  • Millennials will be in the focus with the employment market for a long time being the primary advocates of flexible perform, nevertheless the price of impulse from older staff was approximately the same as those from younger job hunters on dilemmas surrounding jobs ability. Respondents when you look at the 20-29 generation was actually 11per cent—roughly similar to the 11.5% feedback price from inside the 60-69 age group.
  • 70% of participants got around a bachelor’s diploma or a grad level, demanding the belief that work-from-home jobs, in particular, are merely offered in lower-level jobs.

How they work/job research:

  • Not really freelancers juggle numerous performances. Regarding the 1,300+ review participants exactly who described by themselves as virtual assistants, 38% documented using 1 concert at the same time; 51percent juggled 2-3 gigs at one time; 8per cent posses 4-5 performances during a period and 3% have more than 6 performances at one time.
  • Although co-working spaces get recently acquired eyes as a beautiful office tendency, just one% reported these room being the preferred spot to proceed if they have to get crucial process done. 52percent choose their home workplace for optimum production.
  • Utilizing social networks in one’s tasks research has grown to be more widespread; but 26per cent said dont now use any social networks systems in their career pursuit.
  • Fraudsters targeting using the internet people looking for work continue to search for subjects, despite cautions against them. 8percent have-been scammed once and 5per cent have now been conned one or more times. 10% learn a person who has recently been the person of a job scam and 12% discover more than a single person that has been the sufferer of a job scheme.
  • Countering the idea that working from your home may lower career outlook, the vast majority of respondents—72per cent—said they are certainly not stressed that an adaptable services arrangement will injured their profession progression.
  • Although some participants stated they might be ready to switch several positive points to bring operate versatility, instance getaway your time or 401K advantages, 43% asserted really should not be essential. However this is strong signal that really work freedom is no longer thought about a negotiating method or perk but, increasingly, an expected job profit.

Exactly why they demand flexible perform:

  • 16percent of analyze participants declare overall health or impairment questions tend to be an issue in exactly why the two look for pliable perform. Fortunately, additional employers are selling adaptable tasks for people with handicaps , particularly rural placements that allow workers to put together home-based practices.
  • Worst commutes aren’t rare. 31percent of respondents stated getting roundtrip commutes in excess of couple of hours.
  • it is only some regarding the money. Work-life equilibrium (72percent) had been a vey important advantage for job seekers if reviewing a position customer, prior to pay and flexible timetable (69%).
  • Despite the escalating expenditure of health coverage, 17percent of participants stated they will deal medical health insurance from other manager in return for the opportunity to telecommute.
  • Pliable job hunters love operating, with virtually two-thirds (64percent) of participants stating which they work both simply because they must manage and want to function. One more 11per cent perform solely mainly because they would you like to.
  • And the almost escort girl Inglewood all visitors say it works to pay for fundamental foods, repay debt, conserve for studies, or trip, about a-quarter (27%) also work to lead to foundation and 15percent work to allow supporting their mothers.

To greatly help job hunters looking into finding versatile opportunities, FlexJobs not too long ago identified the utmost effective 30 organizations choosing virtual assistants , the top 25 employers choosing for isolated jobs , while the ideal 15 employers for employed mom .

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