Factors associated with burnout and you will career options feel dissapointed about on multivariate data

Table 2 summarizes the prevalence of burnout and career choice regret. In general, 83.6% of participants had symptoms of burnout (high emotional exhaustion or depersonalization scores). In terms of career choice regret, 46.6% said that they would not choose to be doctor again, and 18.1% were unsure. Half of the participants with symptoms of burnout had career choice regret (Fig. 1). In addition, 7.3% of participants said they did not want to be a doctor when they graduated and 17.6% had thought about dropping out at least once. Only 2.9% thought that the current medical environment was good. In Table 1, burnout was associated with postgraduate entrance examination score, hours worked or studied per week, marital status, and having children (all P < 0.05). In the univariate analysis (Table 3), career choice regret was associated with academic year, degree type, family income, hours slept per day, and marital status (all P < 0.05).

The multicollinearity analysis indicated there was no collinearity for burnout (Additional file 1). Table 4 summarizes the factors associated with burnout and career choice regret. Model 1, in which demographic https://datingranking.net/milfaholic-review/ variables were entered, showed factors independently associated with burnout were gender, postgraduate entrance examination score, hours worked or studied per week, marital status, and having children (all P < 0.05). Women were at higher risk for burnout than men (odds ratio [OR] = 0.74, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.56–0.99). Married postgraduates (OR = 0.56, 95% CI 0.39–0.80) and those without children (OR = 0.55, 95% CI 0.40–0.77) were less likely to show symptoms of burnout. Model 2 (including career choice regret) showed career choice regret was independently associated with burnout (P < 0.05). In Model 3 (both demographic variables and career choice regret), being married and without children were protective factors. Career choice regret was the strongest risk factor for burnout (OR = 3.17, 95% CI 2.33–4.32).

Numerous logistic regression study demonstrated postgraduates having less occasions did or examined a week (Otherwise = 0.64, 95% CI 0.47–0.88) got a low chance to own field selection regret, while postgraduates who were married (Or = step 1.54, 95% CI step 1.07–dos.20) got a high exposure. Being versus the signs of burnout (Otherwise = 0.33, 95% CI 0.24–0.45) has also been with the a reduced exposure to possess industry selection feel dissapointed about (Table 5).


That it all over the country study used a survey survey to evaluate burnout and you will career selection be sorry for in Chinese neurology postgraduates. We discovered a top frequency of burnout and you will field solutions feel dissapointed about certainly users, which have burnout being closely connected with field alternatives regret. To our knowledge, this research is the first to examine this matter within this inhabitants.

Frequency and predictors regarding burnout

The brand new frequency from burnout certainly Chinese neurology postgraduates is actually 83.6%, which was higher than reported with other procedures global. Instance, extremely previous education recommended that Chinese medical postgraduates shown moderate levels away from burnout . To many other health-related postgraduates in almost any regions, advertised burnout pricing was in fact 63% to have inner medication, 60% having ophthalmology, and you can forty% to possess general surgery . The new chance out of burnout in our midst scientific children is actually 76% . The brand new high incidence from burnout within sample could be attributable for the difficulty regarding medical diagnosis and means to fix neurological infection and you will the high pressure and you can low field pleasure of so it specialty [20, 31]. Our very own analysis indicated that performing very long hours try a primary exposure foundation having burnout, that has been in keeping with past findings . However, a survey of Dutch owners indicated that in the event their performing instances was basically limited to forty eight h per week, many doctors nonetheless experienced burnout, which implies you to definitely products aside from performing circumstances may also be very important .