Eren helps make connection with Zeke, initiating this new Beginning Titan and beginning the brand new Rumbling

On their wonder, the group observes that the Absolute Titans turned by Zeke possess started fighting this new Paradis soldiers

Since Wall surface Maria begins to crumble, Jean and you will Connie recover Falco Grice out of his Titan and refuge to meet up with Armin and Mikasa. Jean is actually leftover from inside the complete wonder at the thought out-of Eren destroying the country past Paradis, seeking to justify it to themselves by arguing your external globe put they into the by themselves because of the fearing and you can threatening the newest Eldians into Paradis. Mikasa points out one to ahead of they can boost the troops, they should determine what regarding Falco and you can Jean indicates eating him to one of the Titans. Connie is determined you to definitely his mom are going to be allowed to eat Falco and you can flees towards man in the event that anyone else target, making them to fight off this new Titans in place of your. [155]

When you’re deliberating how to handle it, Jean is actually contacted because of the Hange and ultimately consents so you’re able to meeting their and you can Mikasa despite his misgivings

Jean as well as the others return to the fresh army headquarters and you can purchase this new soldiers in to the to become listed on her or him on the roof along with available Thunder Spears so you can launch a great counterattack into Titans. Once cleaning out of the very first wave out-of Titans fighting the brand new fortress, Jean while the soldiers hold off on top of strengthening while a team led because of the Keith Shadis prospects with the rest of the fresh Titans regarding the section for the headquarters. As Titans have the ability to already been attracted, Jean additionally the almost every other troops dump every Titans. [156]

Adopting the battle, Jean discusses the current state having Onyankopon, informing him off Eren’s intend to destroy the nation away from Paradis. Jean try disappointed to find out that Floch remains live, which can be leftover flabbergasted when Floch initiate arresting the brand new Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. [157] Jean tries to end Floch from capturing on Volunteers and is actually leftover stunned whenever Floch carries out that to own resisting. Whilst execution actually leaves Jean inside a great daze, he or she is amazed whenever Floch attempts to encourage your in order to get in on the Yeagerists of the attractive to the fresh new selfish personality he’d during the his trainee months. [158]

Jean was remaining within the an emotional disorder of the Floch’s bring and you can is really inclined to get in on the Yeagerists even with their contradictory morals. When Hange shows that it want to join forces that have Marley to cease Eren, Jean attempts to persuade Hange in order to commit to Eren’s plan. Even when Jean attempts to believe there is no most other solution, he is silenced by the Hange’s busy insistence that there is no excuse getting genocide. Hange requires Jean if the he believes that the fallen comrades create was basically proud of losing each one of humanity to save you to definitely area and you will Jean, convicted from the his memory out-of Marco, believes to become listed on this lady for the opposing Eren. [159]

Jean pretends when deciding to take Floch’s offer and you will serves as a leading-positions person in the latest Yeagerists. [160] When Floch decides to in public places do Yelana and you may Onyankopon, Jean is selected getting the main one in order to destroy her or him. After Floch declares new crimes the two are being murdered to have, Jean fireplaces four shots out of his weapon to the floor second to Onyankopon, signaling Pieck ahead and you may access them. [161] Just after Pieck lets her or him go, Jean demonstrates to you so you’re able to Onyankopon which he chose to assist Marley because the the guy believed that his dropped comrades could not forgive him in the event the he had sat of the and you may allow business end up being forgotten. [162]

You to evening, the fresh new shared pushes regarding Marley and Paradis display a dessert because they mention ideas on how to contradict Eren. Stress immediately work at higher anywhere between Jean and you can Theo Magath once the second requires in case the Eldians are determined to do what is actually by helping Marley. Jean angrily reminds him one Marley could have been the newest aggressor facing Paradis to own century, and you will Magath retorts you to definitely Eren has proven the world try right for the way it handled Paradis. Jean argues that Eren will significant strategies while the of Marley’s atrocious acts up against Paradis and you will Magath reminds him one Eldia are the first one to oppress Marley within the leadership of the Eldian Kingdom.